How To Saturdays

How To Saturdays

Saturdays in May we'll be holding an expanded set of our free clinics to teach you the basics needed to keep your bike riding smoothly. Clinics will be in the store at 9am on each Saturday. You don't need to bring anything with you - just show up!

Flat Changing

Learn the pro way to fix a flat tire during your ride. On May 5th we'll teach you how to fix a flat so you can keep on riding.

Derailleur Adjustments

Time to put that multi-tool to good use - On May 12th learn how to make a minor adjustment on your derailleur to smooth out that shifting.

Brake Adjustments

Are your brakes being a real drag? On May 19th we'll show you how to make the minor tweaks needed to keep you rolling smoothly.

Chain Maintenance

The chain - so unassuming and yet so crucial. Stop in on May 26th to learn how to keep your bike chain properly cleaned and lubricated.